Intro to Cyber Security.

2 min readApr 20, 2022


Hey guys! Agent is back with another introductory blog! Hope you guys Enjoy it :). So in this blog we’ll discuss about Cyber-Security, What is it, how to start etc.. Lets start!

The first Question you may ask is What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Sometimes also known as information technology (IT) security.

Now you probably be thinking How it is done!?

The Process is like, a individual or a group performs various security checks on an organization, to find security vulnerabilities.

How to know if Cybersecurity is for YOU?

Analytical Thinker and Listener.

Like to Solve Problem.

Like to know how hackers Break into Systems.

Likes to Research.

Continuous Learner.


Hard Worker.

Up for Challenges.

Adaptor and Responsive.

Passionate about Technology.

If you have these skills Cybersecurity if for You!

Now Lets talk about some Resources!

There are numerous resources for cybersecurity! The main of them is GOOGLE! It has Everything you want! Few more are:

  1. The Hacker News.
  2. Dark Reading.
  3. Zero Day.
  4. Medium.

There are many more! :)

Where to Start!?

Start from a Simple Search on Google, read some articles/blogs, got for some beginner courses, and be on track! If you miss you lose! Here are some steps which may help you:

  1. Make a Goal.
  2. Make a Plan/Roadmap for that Goal.
  3. Be on track.
  4. Do Hard Work.

If you follow the above steps, your hard work will surely pay off!

Spend More time on twitter! People share awesome content there! If you wanna know which accounts to follow, you can refer to my Into to Bug-Hunting Blog!

Now, You can also ask about your age, like I’m 30 or I’m 15 can I start?

It doesn’t matter whether you are 30, 40, 50 or 15 You can always start your new journey! 😄

I hope you learned Something from this blog! ^-^ I will try to bring more amazing blogs! If you have any doubts/questions, do ask in the comments, I’ll surely answer your question. Also if you like my blog, will you Buy-Me-A-Coffee? I will be happy! :)

See ya!